Are Fire Suppression Systems Available

A lot of attention is paid to when choosing a fire suppression system for any business. Some businesses are shut down by them because of their cost, but imagine a fire breaks out and damages everything they've worked hard for, which ultimately requires buying and installing a fire suppression system. It will cost more than that. So they are definitely worth the money.

In some, if not most, cases, a business must have a fire extinguishing system. One of the reasons a system is fitted in a building is if the general public has access to the building. 

Fitting the system is also a requirement if the business deals with hazardous chemicals and other materials that can be highly flammable. Data must also be protected A building can be rebuilt but once the data and information are gone, that means even more downtime for the company. You can find more details on water mist fire suppression through

All these systems are different and use different agents to extinguish the fire and they are; Water, gas, and other chemicals. The system used will depend on the nature of the business. Below is a breakdown of the most commonly used fire suppression systems.

Water – This is one of the most commonly used fire suppression systems as water does not cause any harm to humans or animals. The most common suppression system that uses water is sprinkler systems, which are great for public areas because they can cover large areas.

Gas – Gas-using systems work by depriving the fire of oxygen and any other elements necessary for survival. These systems should be used where people are present because they reduce the amount of oxygen within the air. They are commonly used in computer rooms and data centers because they do not damage technical equipment.

Other Chemicals – These are the newest systems within the industry and work by releasing haze or fog that suffocates on fire. The chemicals used are non-toxic so can be used in the presence of people.