Buying The Right Glass

For different types of alcohol, there are many types of glasses on the market. Most people don't mind drinking coffee from a regular cup or watering down juices and water.

There are many occasions to impress your friends with the right glass when you're entertaining them. There are many options, from champagne/sparkling wine glasses to cognac glasses and water glasses. If you also want to add a beautiful collection of glasses then you can go to and buy unique aesthetic glasses.

Juego de decantador y vaso

Proper glasses make it easier to enjoy your drink. You should have several options. Wine glasses are the most popular, followed by whisky glasses. These glasses will be most used. 

You can also choose from different sizes and styles of glasses. 

You should consider the versatility of wine glasses, spirit glasses, and cocktail glasses. This allows you to use the same glass for red, white, port, dessert, water, and beer. Fine, lead-free crystal is the best choice for wine glasses. 

Thicker glass can be detrimental to wine. Although red wine glasses have a larger capacity, you can find a Chianti glass that will be able to serve both strong reds and more delicate reds. 

The Chianti shape can also be used for all kinds of white wines. Bordeaux glasses are preferred by most consumers. They have larger bowl capacities but they are not suitable for white wines due to the lower serving temperatures of white wines. Champagne glasses should be tall and thin to allow air bubbles to rise to the top.