Choose Ozone Treatment Process To Purify The Water

The environment in the tank to be cared for is good for the health, survival and growth of fish. Ozone treated water in the RAS (Recycling Aquaculture Systems) increases fish productivity and tank cleanliness, thereby increasing productivity. 

With increasing pollution problems and extreme fishing, modern and efficient systems are needed to improve aquaculture. And ozone cleaning generator water treatment is the best option we have now. Here are some ways ozonation can make cultivation more efficient.

Ozone introduces micro-accumulation, or flocculation, which helps remove waste through the filtration process as well as through sedimentation. Ozone decomposes organic compounds dissolved in water through precipitation and oxidation. Organic laurel pollution causes very little nitrite.

Ozone is an active ingredient in disinfectants due to its high oxidizing power, which is chemically owned. While microflocking is the biggest benefit, the disinfection factor is another plus.

And the required amount can be measured using the redox value. 300 mV is the average ozone or redox value for freshwater systems. The value of the redox level also depends on the type of water tank.

Distributor module helps distribute shipments among different branches according to the quantity required by each branch. The dose is calculated from the redox level for each tank. The number of ozone-producing farm animals is minimized with the "ozone distribution module".