Diversity Unconscious Bias And Management

Sometimes the question is asked why there is so much talk and fuss and often confusion when speaking the first time and more importantly dealing with the implementation of key processes and systems in the organization. 

As part of the diversity and incorporation human resource services, some of these key issues need to be addressed in order to get the full support from the management team needed to implement the above approach to ensure that diversity is very important in everyday life. 

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At this point, it may be useful to look at some of the dynamics we see in an organization that is not fully open to promoting diversity and inclusion practices within its team.

The management team consists of those who are usually very limited in terms of the various dimensions of diversity. 

The subconscious bias of key management staff is geared towards hiring those who act, speak, and look fit into the corporate culture. In subsequent business trips, we see that decisions are made by such people with unconscious bias and that their thought processes are not even questioned.

In the end, while some employees and managers continue to be successful and satisfied with organizational results; in the end the company itself loses, as a visible result in organizations if, first and foremost, more diverse ways of thinking are allowed in the decision-making process, resulting from more employees.