How 3PL and Transportation Companies Can Together Improve Profitability?

Logistic Companies cannot rely on delivery services and warehouse services to stay ahead of the competition in today's highly competitive marketplace. 

The most successful third-party logistic and transport companies are offering additional services after delivery. These include in-store and in-home product assembly and display setup. 

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These services not only add value to the existing offerings but also increase revenue as they can include these charges along with a percentage into their overall cost structure.

Although the benefits of a partnership between 3PL (3rd party logistics) or transportation organizations and a provider for assembly and set up services are obvious, the question is how do you choose such a company. 

This question is difficult to answer. You should ask the following questions:

1. Is the company able to provide services nationally and internationally?

2. Is the company able to employ all its workers as W-2 employees? This will produce a more dedicated and committed worker than using independent contractors.

3. Is the company able to sustain itself? Have they been in business for many years, or are they new in business?

4. Are there existing relationships between the company and major retailers? This is a sign of stability and experience.

5. Are there many field managers in the country? This is important for local contacts and accountability.

6. Are there any employees who have undergone extensive training and had thorough background checks?

7. Is the company able to provide detailed reports on the services provided?

Do not be left behind in today’s highly competitive logistics environment. Find a company that you can trust to partner with.