How To Apply For A Fiance Visa With The Help Of A Fiance Visa Attorney?

One of the most complicated and difficult non-immigrant visas you can obtain and, in addition, one of them can be the visa for fiance or K1 visa. The initial step in the process of obtaining a fiance visa is to file the fiance visa application through the US citizen in the couple. 

There are many supporting documents to be provided, the majority of them have to do with the verification of the existence of the relationship. You can also take the help of a reliable fianc visa attorney via

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There are some exceptions to this requirement but it's extremely difficult to get one of the exceptions. After the petition has been approved and the process is approved, the next step of the process could begin. The foreign fiancee can apply to a US embassy in their country to obtain a fiance visa.

The process of submitting the petition to USCIS is going to require a large quantity of personal data of both US citizens as well as the foreign partner. This is to verify your identity, your earnings, and to prove that each of you is not bound by prior marriages. 

After it is submitted, the Petition for Alien Fiance form also known as the I-129F has been submitted the form must be accepted before it can be submitted to the National Visa Center (NVC). The petition will be processed for only a short period in the NVC before it is sent to the US consulate or embassy of the country that the foreign fiance is from, to apply for the visa of fiance.