How To Put Prescription Lenses In Your VR Headset?

The major VR headsets, including Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and PlayStation VR, have been designed in a way that lets most prescription glasses frames fit. However, wearing glasses inside a head-mounted display can still be problematic.

You can scratch the headphone glasses with your frames, you can feel a bit of fog and if your glasses touch your face when they get tangled in the headphones it can create smudges that are hard to see. You can also visit to get HP reverb g2 lenses online for VR headsets.

A company called VR Lens Lab started developing a lens that works with the three main VR headphones. Their first lens caused some distortion to some users, but they redesigned it and called it a Premium RABS Lens, and the distortion was significantly reduced.

Thanks to Vive's design, the corrective lenses built into the adapter can be easily attached to normal lenses. Adding a lens to your Vive takes about 10 seconds as it simply clicks into place.

Like the Vive version, this Oculus Rift lens is available as a correction option and a standard option if you just want basic protection. Inserting it into your Rift is a breeze, and there's a silicone stand that fits snugly.

VR Lens Lab doesn't make glasses for PlayStation VR, perhaps because there's more room for a simple headphone frame. However, they do make protective lenses that ensure your frame doesn't scratch the delicate lenses.

Instead of choosing just one set of headphone lenses, you can buy lenses in compact frames that can be used in a number of situations. They stick tightly to your face thanks to rubber bands (not folding arms) so when you're not in VR, they can be used for sports or other activities that require you to wear a mask.