IVF Specialist In Macedonia

In vitro fertilization (IVF) is one of the most popular fertility procedures available at fertility clinics across America. The procedure involves the extraction of eggs and the subsequent addition of sperm to form embryos in a laboratory dish.

During a consultation with an IVF specialist in Macedonia, he or she will likely assess your infertility to determine the problem or cause of the condition. 

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Various exams and tests may be performed to pinpoint the cause of infertility. Tests may be performed on the female and male partners to determine the cause.

The success rate may range from around 10% to around 40%. Certain ancillary treatments may help to improve the chances of success, and this is another item that should be discussed with a trained specialist.

Before your appointment, make sure that you write down your questions so that you do not forget them. It may also be wise to make note of medical information and medications that you are currently taking so that the specialist has all of the information he or she needs to make a proper recommendation and assessment of your situation. 

Anticipate a host of questions from the IVF specialist as well. He or she will probably ask several personal questions regarding your menstruation, personal life, and medical history. 

Establishing an open line of communication early in your relationship with the specialist may have benefits down the road and throughout your experience with the doctor as well.