Know Your Hair Type & Choose Right Hair Care Products

Hair is the statement of style, an affirmation of beauty, and an expression of self-love. It's the reflection of a person that glorifies the looks of a person. It's the core responsibility to preserve this natural beauty gifted by the almighty. 

A small mistake can make you repent for a lifetime. To keep this elegance long-lasting one must be careful while choosing the hair care products. If you are looking for hair regrowth shampoo, you can also check out this source: buy groundbreaking fast hair growth products – The Hair Fuel.

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Determine Your Hair Texture 

Do shampoo and dry naturally using a towel. Then cut a thread of approximately the same length as your hair. Take out your hair strand of full length. Place the thread and your strand side by side on a clear surface from where both can be analyzed properly.

1. If the strand is thinner than the thread then you have a Thin texture.

2. If the thickness of both is nearby equal you have a Medium texture.

Determine Oiliness of Your Hair 

Shampoo properly and pat dry. Leave them for the whole night. In the morning gently press a tissue on your scalp and the head area behind your ears.

1. Oily Hair – If oil patches come on the tissue then you are having oily hair.

2. Dry Skin – In case the tissue remains as it is without any stickiness then you have dry hair.

After understanding, it is necessary to choose the hair care products that are best suited for proper growth.