More Tips to Responding to a Federal RFP

Before you prepare your response to the federal RFP, here are some tips for writing effective proposals. Give the requested information – Be sure to answer RFP with a response to the requested information. You can consider the best proposal review via

Prepare your proposal as a sales presentation – the proposal you face is your sales representative. Your response to RFP must sell your company's ability to meet the requirements, to meet all the conditions requested on time. It is time to be specific and detailed in your words to show your understanding of the problem.

Equally important is articulating your solution. If you are not clear in your words or proposal filled with Jargon with the words "Fluff Not Stuff", the review team will question your ability to meet the needs of RFP. Take the time to edit the document. It's hard to become a document writer and editor.

Share your company qualifications to successfully complete work – besides showing your understanding of RFP problems, you must also show the company's ability to meet the challenges of stated problems. You will want to enter management and resume capabilities, the previous relevant project work, and the company's unique facilities, equipment, or personnel.

It is your obligation to communicate your company's ability clearly to successfully complete RFP requirements. Start the proposal folder for future reference – the proposal is repeatedly released in a short period of time, so you should be able to respond quickly.