Realize Your Dream of Owning a Luxury Home In Bend Oregon

Walking through an elite neighborhood of country houses, elegant villas and chic penthouses revive the dream of owning such a property in our minds. 

You must be wondering like me – who is the person who bought this stylish house? What is their income and lifestyle profile? Let's take a look at all of these issues in this article and give you some useful luxury home buying tips if you decide to buy one.

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The profile of a luxury home buyer, as revealed from a survey conducted by a banker, is as follows:

• 31% paid cash when buying a house.

• The majority of luxury real estate buyers are top managers of large corporate homes.

• 67% of buyers are baby boomers (between 35 and 55 years)

• 88% of luxury homeowners are married.

• When you think of luxury household items, designer kitchens are the number one priority.

• 89% of luxury home buyers want their dream home to have at least four to five bedrooms.

When moving into a new luxury home, the first thing to do is talk to your potential neighbors. Try to get information from them about the problems they are having. At the same time, ask them about the amenities they enjoy in their neighborhood.