Social Media Marketing: Does it Work for B2B Businesses?

Companies in the B2B sector of business found it difficult to grasp social media marketing's power when marketing to another business. They are still not sure of the value and power that social media marketing has. 

They consider it to be marketing that isn't related to them. However, there has been an increase in social media marketing campaigns for B2B companies, such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. They are now more conscious of the importance and benefits of social media marketing. For online promotion, you can also go for social media advertising in Charleston sc.

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Many B2B businesses are cutting back on offline marketing and investing more in online marketing. B2B magazine recently surveyed this issue and found that 48% of B2B businesses are investing more in online marketing than they do offline marketing.

Why is Social Media Marketing So Effective?

People are sick of hearing sales pitches and marketing talk. They search online to find out more about any product or business. This is why social media has become so popular. Wikipedia says:

Social media is an online technology and practice that allows users to share their experiences, opinions, perspectives, and insights. It can be in different forms, such as audio, video, images, podcasts, and wiki.

This is why B2B companies are shifting towards social marketing. B2B companies use many online marketing channels. A recent survey of B2B technology decision-makers shows that these statistics are true for online marketing.

  • 90% of companies take part in online video marketing. 80% participate in blog marketing. 80% participate in wikis.

  • 69% of companies take part in Social Network Marketing

69% of B2B companies use social networks primarily to promote their businesses and network.