Some Basic Things To Know About Golf Clubs And Membership

Golf was once a luxury pastime, reserved only for the wealthy and those with lots of time. The sport has seen a rise in popularity and accessibility over the years. Many golf clubs are now lowering their membership fees to retain loyal players and to maintain steady revenue.

You may be able to save money by becoming a member if you already play golf regularly and pay individual fees. To get additional information on golf membership, browse through online sites.

Consider factors like the proximity of your home, the amenities available to you and your family as well as the skill level and fees not included in your dues.

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Types Of Clubs

There are two types of golf clubs: semi-private and private. Only members can use the course and other amenities at private clubs. Semi-private clubs permit anyone to play provided they pay a daily charge. There are often special tournaments and leagues that come with a golf membership.

Types Of Golf Membership

Individual: This provides unlimited access to the course, other amenities, and may incur an additional fee for use of the pool. 

Family: This grants access to your entire family. Each person may need to pay a small fee.

Corporate: This is similar to a family plan and allows employees to be members.

Social: You can enjoy resort amenities such as the pool or social events. However, you will need to pay for golf, or you may be limited to certain times. Some clubs may offer discounts to junior and out-of-state members (usually those under 36).