The Important Elements For Lithium Battery Popularization

Almost all automobile manufacturers and suppliers agree that the lithium battery will become the main power storage device for Hybrid cars and electric vehicles. There are five key elements of the lithium battery, namely, cost, electric storage, dynamic density, safety, and service life.

Whether the electric vehicle can attract customers or not is mostly decided by the price, while the battery is the most expensive component of the electric vehicle. It is predicted that a battery that is more powerful will be developed after 2015. Moreover, the scale economy will also drive the reduction of the battery price.

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Another key element of the electric vehicle popularization is the maximum distance which is determined by the storage ability of the battery.

The demanded distance of customers is two hundred kilometers. In order to meet this requirement, engineers are trying to strengthen the storage ability. Experts point out that changing the chemical composition of the battery is a good way to improve the electric density. The distances of most advanced batteries are 100 to 150 kilometers.

Besides, the service life of the battery should be as long as the automobile. For the electric vehicle, the charging circuit of the battery should reach one million times, because the switchback between the motor and engine is very frequent. The ideal complete charging circuit should be 1500 to 2000 times, namely, every charge of the battery can drive 150 to 200 kilometers. The service life of the lithium battery is more than ten years.

There is no need to change it if the performance is not lower than eighty percent of the original percent. The safety also should be up to the high standard of the automobile industry. The interior material plays an important role of safety; take the separator, for instance, if the temperature is too high, the device will stop the current with no stop.