Shopping For BMW Modifications

BMW cars are renowned for their well-functioning German engines and excellent handling, tested and improved at the famous Nürburgring. Despite more than 60 years of automotive excellence at Ultimate Driving Machine, there are many BMW modifications to your 3 Series, 1 Series, 5 Series, M3 and M5.

The BMW Performance exhaust is a good choice if you're looking for a deeper sound, but there are plenty of BMW secondary exhausts that are much better in terms of performance and sound. Remus exhausts for BMW are recognized as direct replacements for original equipment, meeting strict German road safety standards. Additionally, Eisenmann, Active Autowerke and Vorsteiner produce a high-performance BMW exhaust system that will dramatically improve the flow, performance and tone of your BMW E92 M3.

BMW's famous inline 6 cylinder engine is a great factory build, but there are various BMW modifications to improve response and performance. The BMW cold air intake is a popular BMW modification that improves flow and productivity, resulting in dramatic changes in response and performance.

BMW's OE intake system is designed to reduce sound power, meet emission standards and most importantly reduce production costs. BMW's Power intake system is designed to increase flow and maximize efficiency compared to standard air intake systems. 

The best upgrade is a BMW supercharger system like the VF Engineering Supercharger Kit for the E46 M3. This is a complete system that will take your BMW E46 M3 to the next level in terms of power and performance.

BMW M3 Performance Parts

The BMW M3 is the first modern sedan with the latest technology and engineering. From the 318ti to the M3, the M3 chassis is known to be a stretched base and is ideal for many BMW M3 Performance parts.

BMW M3 exhaust system

Active Autowerke expands the range of the best BMW M3 exhaust system with the M3 exhaust and M3 fan. They are the perfect complement to the Intake to add volume and maximize flow on any M3 car. Active Autowerke builds its systems with stainless steel construction and some of the best technical solutions available in the BMW parts community.

BMW M3 compressor kit

The BMW inline 6 engine is a great athlete out of the box, but the addition of a supercharger can make it a very powerful beast.

Active Autowerke has proven the unmatched performance of the supercharged M3 for more than 20 years. Your M3 ZMS Level 1 supercharger kit boosts the unchanged M3 engine to 225 hp. up to 360 hp at just 7.0 PSI. This incredible all-in-one supercharger kit takes the M3's performance to the next level. This is an option if you want to turn your standard M3 into a fiery breathing monster.

BMW M3 . intake system

By sticking to a natural intake setting, the aFe intake system for the M3 maximizes airflow over the factory restricted intake system. Available with oiled Pro Dry S or Pro5R filters that last the lifetime of the car, they are the perfect solution to make your car more responsive without breaking the bank.