Know Everything About Cytokine Assay Kits

Cytokines, small proteins, are critical in controlling the activity and growth of other immune system cells. They signal the immune system that they are ready to go. Cytokines influence the growth of blood cells as well as other cells that support the body's immune system and inflammation response. 

Cytokines can also boost anti-cancer activity, sending signals that may help abnormal cells die and normal cells to live longer. A chemokine is one type of cytokine. A chemokine is a substance that causes immune cells to move towards a target. You can measure cytokine levels in the given sample using cytokine assay equipment.

Certain cytokines are made in a laboratory and can be used to treat cancer. They are used to prevent or manage side effects of chemotherapy. They can be injected under the skin, into a muscle or into a vein. Interleukins or interferons are the most commonly used.

Cytokines, secreted proteins, play an important role in the induction as well as the effector phases in all immune and inflammatory reactions, including cell proliferation and intercellular communication. Small cytokines, also known as chemokines, attract and recruit cells to a specific area in order to exert their biologic effects. 

Both cytokines as well as protein hormones are growth factors. They stimulate proliferation, differentiation, and maturation of cells. Not only have cytokines been implicated in immunological conditions, inflammatory responses, and cancers but also in neurodegenerative disorders and cancers.