All You Need To Know About Dental Nurse Training

There are numerous reasons to consider working as a dental nurse. Maybe it's the love of sciences, a promising career plan, or the excellent salary and ongoing advancement that this field has to provide.

In addition, due to the development of technology and techniques, the field of dentistry continues to grow, with a particular focus on cosmetic dentistry. You can also get a dental nursing diploma via

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All that said that now more than ever is the perfect opportunity to learn how to be an experienced dental professional. With the changing attitudes regarding the field, dental nurses are now being acknowledged with greater respect than before. And that's exactly what they deserve!

How do you become a licensed dental nurse?

You are usually able to be a dental trainee nurse with no academic credentials However, in order to advance to become a licensed dental nurse, you'll have to complete the dental nursing program. 

This could be part-time or full-time and must be accepted through the General Dental Council (GDC) which is the body responsible for registering dental nurses.

The courses that have been approved are:

  • Dental Nursing Foundation Degree (Full-time course)
  • Certificate of Higher Education in Dental Nursing (Full-time course)
  • National Diploma in Dental Nursing (NEBDN)
  • Level 3 NVQ in Dental Nursing
  • QCF Level 3 Certificate in Dental Nursing