What happens exactly during an Eye Examination?

It is vital to contact your optometrists regularly to make sure that your vision is in good shape. Eye specialists have been trained in the past and have gained a lot of knowledge about caring for the eye health of patients. 

It is important to take advantage of their knowledge to maintain your eye in the most optimal state. This article will outline what happens during an eye examination and other details about eye tests.

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What happens during an eye Test?

Eye exams, for instance, are very simple. They are the tests the eye doctor will likely go through:


Optometrists will ask you to look at a specific area on the wall. They'll then reflect light on your eyes to see how your eyes react when multiple lenses are moved to the side. Retinoscopy is typically the first test as it provides the eye doctor a broad assessment of the eye's health and well-being.


The following test is much more in-depth than Retinoscopy. This test is dependent on a device called a Phoropter that you can look through and then inform your eye doctor which type of lens is more clear to look through. Based on a variety of results, your personal eye doctor will optimize your individual prescription.

Visual Acuity:

It's one of the most widely used eyes health tests. The patient is required to read sight charts from an extended distance. An eye chart is composed of letters of the alphabet, beginning massive at the top and then moving slightly in the direction towards the lower.