Ketubah Designs For Your Jewish Wedding In Israel

Modern Jewish couples increasingly seek to infuse their weddings with meaning. Many are looking to incorporate traditions like an aufruf, Sheva Brachot, the yichud ritual, and having a ketubah, or a Jewish wedding contract, to formalize vows and celebrate their commitments.

Beginning in the 1st century, official ketubot have the binding force of Jewish law and were originally intended to provide rights to women inside their marriages.

No longer just for those of the Jewish faith, today’s Ketubah prints can be completely customized to reflect the individual for each relationship.

Check out these beautiful, intricate ketubah designs from real weddings to inspire your own wedding:

1. Gilded Details

Consider a minimal ketubah accentuated by a circle. As is common with modern ketubot, this couple commissioned an artist to incorporate their wedding vows in this document enclosed by a metallic gold foil circle to represent everlasting love.

2. Forget-Me-Not Flowers

We can't think of a more suitable flower to adorn your declaration of love and commitment than the forget-me-not. Surround your custom text with the delicate blue flowers for an extra touch of romance.

3. On Theme

Keep your wedding design elements cohesive. This couple utilized the paper cutout motif, also seen on the invitations and the bride's dress, and signed the intricate ketubah as guests sang around them.

4. Handwritten

Make your ketubah even more special by writing the text together as this couple did. They also included promises to each other and read the ketubah aloud during the ceremony.