Why Google Apps? Why Not Microsoft 365?

Google, which is now an internet-based company, has developed its cloud-based applications, incorporating a number of business and management tools that are always implemented and maintained by the internet cloud. The Microsoft 365 cloud contains applications that are built on some of the best software from Microsoft such as new azure and Microsoft 365 certification paths.

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These applications used to run on separate computers, but are now packaged together and deployed in the cloud. However, some of their applications still need to be stored on the user's computer, laptop or smartphone. 

As an example; When Microsoft 365 end users want to create and edit a document, they still need to have the MSWord version on their computer (outside the cloud) and pass it on to all contributors who need to review and resubmit it so the document will always pass and leave the cloud. 

Google Apps users work on documents online (in the cloud) and their staff can monitor each letter entered as displayed on the page where the document remains in the cloud, so anyone can access it at any time. 

Because MSWord products are stored on every computer, each copy must be updated individually. Another reason why Microsoft 365 failed in actual cloud testing. This applies to any application that must stand alone on the user's computer. 

However, because the word processing application is stored in Google Apps in the cloud, all updates will be applied automatically and run the next time the user logs in, which is cloud computing.