How To Paint Your Brake Calipers

Have you ever taken time to look at your rims only to look at the aged, worn-out calipers in front of them? Do you have any desire to make a small improvement to your vehicle to make it attract more attention? 

All you need to do is paint your calipers. It's easy, effective, and will reduce your expenses. We will demonstrate how to paint the brake calipers of your vehicle to match the color you'd like. You can also buy an automotive paint kit via


How do you color your brake calipers


High-temperature engine paint

– a couple of plastic bags

– Some tape

Jack your car and remove the wheels. If you only have two jack stands, you can only do just one side at an either in the front or back.

Make sure the brakes are clean. Spray the caliper with brake cleaner at your local auto shop. 1 can is good enough for all the calipers. Clean it off I suggest using an electric or toothbrush. It doesn't have to be spotless but scrub it as thoroughly as you are able to. 

Take note that the brake calipers are contaminated with brake dust. Brake Dust is a source of asbestos that can cause cancer. When operating close to your brakes, exercise precautions and wearing a mask are needed.