What is a Restaurant Guide?

A restaurant guide is a publication that lists the best restaurants in a specific area. These publications are updated every year to reflect changes in information such as closings and new addresses. You can find restaurant guides in Dublin at many places, such as local tourism bureaus and airports. If you are looking to plan a trip to Dublin, you can order them online.

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Many Dublin companies also publish guides to restaurants in the same regions. Guidebooks for tourists and other community publications that are aimed at tourists and visitors include additional restaurant guides. A restaurant guide can be free or very cheap to appeal to tourists.

An entry in a restaurant directory typically includes the name, address, phone number, and hours. A guide will usually include a description of the cuisine and a rating that indicates the cost of a typical meal at the restaurant. Many Dublin restaurant guides include quality ratings that people can use to help them decide where to eat. For those who are interested in a general overview of a restaurant, some may list several menu items.

The rating system used by all restaurant guides is almost identical. They send representatives to the restaurant several times per year to try the food and make notes about the quality, service, and atmosphere. When a Dublin restaurant guide is updated, the ratings may be adjusted as well, especially if the publishers have been notified that the ownership, service, or standards at the restaurant have changed.