How To Spend Your Schoolies In Bali

Schoolies in Bali are having a great time, but they're not the only ones. Tourists from all over the world are visiting this beautiful island to party during the month of May. To know more about Schoolies In Bali, you can also browse this site- .

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This is dangerous for both the schoolies and the tourists, and it's probably why authorities are cracking down on them. If you're going to Bali during the school holidays, make sure you avoid the school areas.

Tips for spending your schoolies in Bali: 

1. Check out the famous beaches on the island – Seminyak, Kuta, Legian, and Ubud. Each has its own unique atmosphere and is perfect for a sunny day of swimming and lounging around. 

2. Sample some of the local cuisine – kopi luwak is a must-try coffee made from beans that have been lapped up by a civet, while oxtail soup is another popular favorite. Bali also boasts some of the best street food in Asia, so don’t miss out on sampling some delicious local favorites. 

3. Take in a performance at one of the many arts centers or theatres – there’s always something happening in Bali and it’s a great way to get out and explore the island. 

4. Ride an elephant or take a safari – both are definitely experiences you won’t want to miss when in Bali. 

Bali's education department has created a special program for school-aged kids in order to keep them safe while they're on the island. 

The program offers school kids a safe place to stay, good food, and medical care. In addition, the education department is working with the police to create a crackdown on party-goers.