Cold Sore Treatments: Hope on the Horizon

If you've had it for the entirety of your life, or you've recently been diagnosed as having it, the sores are a joke. It's disgusting, embarrassing and takes an impact on your daily life. There aren't many diseases that are causing such confusion to the medical profession more than herpes viruses. The virus can leave sufferers feeling confused and helpless.

Herpes simplex virus is responsible for cold sores. Once you're diagnosed you may experience flare-ups throughout the course of your life. There is an effective vaccine available for sale in both the US and UK. Herpevac has proven to be effective in women who haven't had exposure to HSV1. You can also order medicines for cold sore therapy online to treat them.

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While the Herpevac vaccine isn't an effective cure, it can stop the spread of infection in those who have not been exposed. This is great news for the spouses of patients. Another promising vaccine is via David Knipe at the Harvard Medical School. David Knipe's HSV2 vaccination is currently being touted for being one of the best treatment options for herpes that are currently being developed.

There have been a lot of false alarms made in the medical world using cold sore treatment. There is a range of treatment options in development that could be able to eliminate the virus completely. There are many advanced treatments being developed that could change how we handle cold sores outbreaks.

These are just a few of the numerous cold sore treatments currently in the process of being developed. If you're looking to become the guinea pig of your choice, there are many ways to be involved in clinical studies. 


Finding the Right Cold Sore Treatment Option

While cold sores are definitely something that has been proven to occur to anyone What happens if you are unable to find the best cold sore treatment for you? What happens if ignore the condition? Then, we'll be able to look at some treatment options and make sure that you are aware of natural remedies that can benefit you.

Cold sores can be transmitted from birth, or even through your genes. Many people don't realize whether their parents actually are carriers of the herpes virus their children could be. In general, it can take up to fourteen days for the sores to heal. Keep this in mind when you are thinking of not treating your illness. You can order medicines for cold sore therapy online.

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If you've got an infection that is cold, you must ensure that you stay away from close contact. This involves allowing anyone to drink in the wake of you. So that herpes doesn't get to other people particularly if you're not taking any treatment for the disease that is not recommended.

Water is not the only option however, you can also drink juices from the fruit as well. Teabags are another excellent treatment that can be extremely effective in keeping the swelling and inflammation at bay. Simply placing a tea bag on the sore that is cold is a fantastic treatment However, bear the fact that this method is not a cure, but it does stop the spread of the virus throughout.