Tino rangatiratanga Wearable Art: Fashion Designers Create A New Trend

Tino rangatiratanga clothing is a brand that promotes New Zealand’s heritage and Maori culture in its designs. The company was started by two young brothers who wanted to create timeless fashion for their people. Tino rangatiratanga clothing uses traditional techniques and a modern style to produce quality garments that are globally recognized.

What is Tino Rangatiratanga Clothing?

Maiki, the designer behind Tino Rangatiratanga Clothing, is a self-taught artist who creates pieces  that are as unique as they are beautiful. Her clothing is inspired by traditional Mori designs and incorporates a fusion of natural materials. 

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The pieces are handmade using traditional techniques, such as weaving and felting. Maiki also uses natural dyes and finishes her pieces with natural oils to give them a unique look and feel. 

Whether you're looking for comfortable clothes that will make you feel proud to wear them, or something special that you can wear to show your dedication to your culture, Tino Rangatiratanga Clothing is sure to have something for you.

Why wear Tino Rangatiratanga clothing?

The beauty of Tino Rangatiratanga clothing is that it represents the diversity and cultural heritage of Aotearoa New Zealand.

Maiki has a strong connection to her culture, and through her clothing line she is able to share her passion with others.

Wearing Tino Rangatiratanga clothing can help you connect with your culture and strengthen your relationships with others. It can also make you feel proud and confident when you are wearing the clothing of your ancestors.