The Importance Of Colostrum To The Newborn Calf

During the first two weeks of life, you need to make sure that the calf is getting enough antibodies from the colostrum. In addition, you need to provide enough energy to keep your calf's body temperature at the right level.

When they arrive, the dairy calves have no antibodies to the microbes and thus have no immunity to calf disease. The calf can easily get the antibodies it needs by ingesting good-quality colostrum as soon as possible after birth. You can get more information about the calf health management visit

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There are only two other reasons why colostrum is important. Unlike other mammals, calves are mostly born with minimal energy.

Therefore, calves want to increase their energy as soon as possible after birth. Colostrum contains twice the amount of energy and solids compared to regular milk.

Second, it contains components – hormones, growth factors, insulin, etc. – which trigger intestinal development and helps digest solid milk in the first few days of its existence.

How do you measure colostrum quality?

To assess the quality of colostrum, farmers should use the BRIX refractometer. The BRIX refractometer is a simple, economical, and precise tool for determining the solids content of milk and thus the quality of colostrum. Every farmer has to get it.

Choose the best colostrum

Colostrum is important for calves. It consists of antibodies and many different substances which are essential for a good start. A fast and hygienic supply of the best quality colostrum is essential.