Everything You Need to Know About Umeshu

What exactly is Umeshu?

Umeshu Mei Jiu, also called Plum Liqueur, is a Japanese liqueur that is made using ume plums that are soaked in sugar and liqueur. It's a sweet and tangy drink with an alcohol percentage of around 10-15% dependent on the brewery. It was a well-loved drink in Japan in the late 17th century. Its delicate flavor led to it becoming increasingly popular among young girls. You can buy the Japan’s finest terroir products, specially handpicked for you for your requirement.

Do you realize that apart from being delicious the liqueur is believed to provide health benefits like boosting the flow of blood and exhaustion?

Apart from the traditional umeshu that you might be familiar with don't overlook that this alcohol can be enjoyed with other fruity flavors to provide a more diverse flavor profile to taste. Ozeki Momo umeshu (Hyogo) makes use of Hakuou Momo that is considered to be the peach king as well as being among the finest quality of ume which is Nanko-Bai. This balanced acidity and sweetness has made this one of our top selling products.

Last but not least the most well-known umeshu combination is with the yuzu. When you taste Kyohime Kanjuku Yuzu Ume Liqueur (Kyoto) it's easy to understand the reason. When the ripe fruits of yuzu are combined with plum liqueur it creates refreshing drinks with the fruity, light aroma of both plums and yuzu. The combination is so good with each other that it's essential for anyone who loves umeshu.

Methods to drink Umeshu

The undeniably popular drink is due to its flexibility. There are numerous ways to drink and enjoy your favorite umeshu.

Straight: The flavor of the sweet and tangy umeshu will not be diminished by the ice.

Cocktails: a popular cocktail ingredient too. Let us give you some recipes that you can whip up at home using your favorite umeshu.

Umeshu is a great cocktail ingredient due to the refreshing acidic flavors of citric acid along with the bitterness of the ume plums. Two simple recipes to make at your own home!

Umeshu Mojito:

  • 45ml of umeshu
  • mint leaves according to the taste
  • 2 tsp brown sugar
  • lime
  • soda
  • Ice