The Effects Of The Hatha Yoga

All yoga practices have the physical basis of hatha yoga. It forms the basis for all other yoga practices. Many of the yoga paths that take place combine ancestral founding principles with craft. It is intended for open strengthening and for cleansing the body. 

Many yogis adjust to hatha yoga first, and as their bodies master the discipline, they move on to a more challenging and demanding style of yoga. They do this to fully awaken the mind and soul. Basic hatha yoga for beginners helps to maintain the fitness and strength of the body.

According to the Sanskrit translation of Hatha Yoga, "ha" means the sun while "tha" means the moon. Also, the word "yoga" means union, yoke, or strength. Hatha yoga is considered a more scientific path of yoga and consists of a basic triad. 

It is said to promote the overall transformation of the body as well as the mind; also terms used for positions/postures are asanas, breath control or pranayama; then the last technique of purification or Shodhana.

Most yoga teachers and practitioners in other parts of the world may choose to adapt hatha yoga asanas to suit their different fitness levels. This method of modifying hatha yoga is not accepted by other puritans in the yoga style. 

Asanas can be very simple. This can be as simple as lying on the floor, or it can involve twisting and stretching. Once the student gets used to the physical discipline, he or she will reach a new level of consciousness through increased concentration and meditation.