The Hottest Wedding Flower Trend Dried Flowers

Dried flowers are the biggest trend in floristry this year. It's time to erase their ancient reputation and fall in love with the bright colours and various textures. Dried flowers are great for vintage and modern weddings, and the inclusion of unusual flowers, seedpods, hay, and other perennial plant products in your day makes for some really eye-catching wedding decorations.

People often use dry flowers for home decor as well. Online stores have seen in almost every house there are dry flower pots and bouquets. Are you thinking to buy dried flowers?It is a one-time investment in home decor. a dried flower is not like a natural flower so there is no worry about its freshness.

Inspiration from dried wedding flowers

While dried flowers are less fragrant and colour than their fresh incarnations, this timeless beauty has lovely soft and warm colours and an endless array of types of shapes and textures. 

From sturdy stems and seed pods to essential grass and flowers, you can incorporate them in all day long bouquets, hanging flowers,  buttonholes, backdrops, and centrepieces. And if you're worried about flexibility, don't worry – dried flowers are more than just dried roses or lavender (although we love them too!). 

Whether you choose a completely dry bouquet or combine dry produce with a fresh colour for your wedding day, online stores are on the way to the trend!