Tips For Safe TIG Titanium Welding

TIG welding titanium is the best technique for welding. However, doing it with half-hearted effort is guaranteed to destroy a high-end product. It's true. Can you imagine anything made of titanium that costs less?

 From mountain bicycles to aerospace components and  medical Implants, Titanium is used because of its special properties, such as the high strength-to-weight ratio and an unmatched corrosion resistance. 

You can only have one shot in the process of welding titanium. If you make a mistake and you fail, you aren't able to continue by re-welding it as you would using stainless steel. If you are looking for titanium welding services in Runnemede, NJ visit TIP TIG USA.

titanium welding services

The majority of the time, the whole welding process must be taken off and, sometimes, it simply causes the material to be damaged.

Three major mistakes people make when welding titanium TIG:

  • Welding titanium using any other filler metal than titanium will turn the weld to be a hard substance that is as hard. It is evident that it is cracking before it has even cooled off.

  • If Titanium is hot and red it will love to soak into all sorts of impurities such as hydrogen and oxygen. After this you're screwed, tattooed, and glued. The game has ended. The weld needs to be removed.

  • The positive side lies in the fact that TIG welding titanium is similar to welding stainless steel, if you adhere to cleaning and shielding with argon .

Make sure that your titanium welding is done with full precautions and done properly by the professionals.