Toddler Pumpkin Activities for Halloween

Halloween inspires all sorts of activities with your little ones, especially the fun pumpkins! Visit a pumpkin farm together, buy (or craft) Halloween costumes and decorate the house. But one of the best things to do for Halloween is to do an art project with mom or dad. Pumpkin patches in Sacramento area provide more fun activities and ideas for Halloween.

Here are two very simple pumpkin crafts that every little kid will enjoy. Prepare in advance for the activity so that your little ball of energy can plunge straight ahead.

Painting with pumpkin

Younger children often miss the fun of lanterns because they are obviously too young to hold a knife. A small child can heat a pumpkin intestine and draw a face on a pumpkin, but then the carving of a pumpkin face must be passed on to an adult.

This is the safer option. Painting with pumpkin. Think of how much fun your toddler or preschooler will have from start to finish designing a pumpkin.

Simple paper jack-o-lantern

There's nothing fantastic about this idea. Just cut some pumpkins out of the orange paper. Then cut out some triangles and some silly smiles from black or yellow paper. Finally, cut out the stem and leaf shapes from green or brown paper.

Put your toddler's parts together with the glue and watch the work. Consider designing this piece of art with some photos of your child take on a pumpkin sticker.