Want to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint? Follow These Ways

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The term carbon footprint is linked to industries and businesses more often. But do you know everything you do daily can be contributing to your individual carbon footprint? Yes! From driving that car to brewing the coffee, there are various things you can control easily. So, if you are willing to reduce your carbon footprint, here’s what you can do.

  • Transport: Transport emissions rank among the top three factors for the creation of greenhouse gases. And most of this emission comes from vehicles. So, you can reduce your use of vehicles to minimize the impact you create. For this, you can switch to public transport options, opt for car-sharing (or car-pooling), and prefer cycling or walking whenever possible.
  • Travel: While commuting is essential for almost everything like work, school, holiday, and family, you can choose sustainable travelling habits. Prefer choosing local holiday destinations to reduce international air travel and take your business to eco-tourism certified companies.
  • Food and Waste: Waste ends up in oceans and landfills. Probably, everyone is aware of the negatives of waste. Here, buying local and seasonal produce, minimizing dairy and meat consumption, reducing plastic consumption, and converting food scraps into compost are healthy options.
  • Sustainable Providers: When you are out shopping, supporting businesses that follow sustainable practices can make a huge difference. From banking to energy providers and superannuation, you can find companies investing in green energy to ensure your money goes towards a better environment.

And when you can’t reduce the usage, you can complement it by planting more trees. Or you can invest in a forest with the best private native forest plans if you have vacant land available.