What A Physical Therapist Can Do To Help In Edmonton?

Concussion is a brain injury that can be caused by physical trauma to the head. Physical therapists are movement experts and can help patients improve their quality of life through hands-on care and prescribed exercise.

In the world of physical therapy there are some tough cases that really require a different type of care. With concussion and brain injury, physical therapists take on the role of movement experts to help patients recover successfully. You can book an appointment at concussion management health center in Edmonton to avail the services offered by them.

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Concussion is caused by a bump, blow, or fall to the head and can cause symptoms such as headache, dizziness, nausea, and confusion. Physical therapists can help patients with concussion by providing relief from their symptoms and helping them recover from the injury. Physical therapists may also help patients with concussion stay safe while they are recovering.

There are three types of concussion: mild, moderate, and severe. Each has its own symptoms and can require a different approach to treatment. 

Mild concussions usually don't require any medical attention, but moderate and severe concussions can result in long-term health problems if not treated. For this reason, physical therapists are often called upon to help patients who have sustained a concussion.

If you or someone you know has been diagnosed with a concussion or brain injury, it’s important to understand the resources available to you. A physical therapist can help restore balance and function in your brain and body, which can improve your quality of life significantly. 

If you are looking for information on concussions and how to seek treatment, be sure to reach out to a physical therapist who is experienced in treating these injuries.