What Do You Mean By Dichroic Glass?

Dichroic glass can be described as a multi-layer coating that is applied to clear or black glass by using a highly technical vacuum deposit process. The metal oxides and quartz crystal are vaporized using an electron beam gun in an enclosed vacuum chamber. 

The vapor then rises and attaches to the glass surface, forming a crystal structure. While some colors may have multiple layers, the total coating thickness is only 35 millionths of an inch.

Dichroic coatings transmit some wavelengths of light while reflecting others. This creates a similar effect to the iridescence seen in fire opals, dragonfly wings, and hummingbird feathers. To get additional details on CBS Dichroic Glass, browse online.

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Dichroic glass comes in two primary colors as well as many secondary colors. When the glass is held directly in front of a light, the transmitted color will be visible. The reflected color will be visible when the glass is placed on a dark background. Many other colors can be seen as the glass moves around.

This plate of dichroic glasses can be fused to other glass in multiple firings. Different wavelengths of light can either pass through or reflect, creating a rainbow of colors. Because of variations in firing, each piece is unique.

Dichroic glass can add interest to any project by combining the light play with vibrant colors. Glass artists have endless design possibilities due to the many colors, patterns, textures and designs available. For earrings and pendants, dichroic glass can be used. You will usually place a piece of clear glass on top of the dichroic, and fuse it with the kiln. Attach a bail to complete the look.